48 Funny Dog Videos

    Are you looking for a furry laugh? Dogs are clever, funny, cute, and sometimes guilty. They dance, they sing, and luckily these humans were able to catch their crazy antics on video.

    So sit back and relax as you laugh at the funny pooches’ expense!

    1. This Soccer Loving Dog Is Too Funny!

    George LOVES soccer, and he is so excited that the world cup is on this year! Watch how he cheers on the players. Pass it to George!

    2. Cute Puppy Shower

    This adorable puppy may be the most chilled canine on the planet as he blissfully settles into bath time.

    3. Best Cute and Funny Dog Videos

    There are a lot of funny and cute dogs in these videos! Hope you like this compilation!

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    4. Best Funny Dog Videos

    There are some really funny bath videos in this one! They crack me up!

    5. More Funny Dog Videos

    From tongue kissing to puppy vs kitty… this video has it all

    6. 10 Minutes of Funny Dog Videos!

    He looks like a crook at 32s… and looks like a spider at 4m48s. My dog does this sometimes! haha!

    7. Funny Dogs Scared of Farts

    This video speaks for itself! If you like fart humor, this is for you!

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    8. Guilty Dogs Compilation

    I get a kick out of guilty dog videos. Guilty dogs are cute dogs

    9. Cute Dogs Waking Up Owners

    This is why dogs are our helpful best friends. The friend at 1m18s sure is persistent!!

    10. Best Funny Talking Dog Compilation

    Dogs saying “I Love You,” as well as reciting the alphabet. Ok, not the alphabet part. 🙂


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    11. Funniest Puppy Fights and Funny Fails

    Top 10 Cute Puppies battling it out. There’s nothing like cute puppy fails, haha

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    12. More ‘Dogs vs. Bath Time’ Compilation

    These Dogs just don’t want a bath… can you blame them!

    13. Mega 23-minute Funny Dog Video Compilation

    From cute puppies to crazy dogs – this video has it all.

    14. Ultimate Dog Tease – Dogs… Love…. Food

    omg, this voice-over video is SO funny… I love this dog’s reaction when he says, “steak.” HA!

    15. Funny Dog Barking Video Compilation

    Sometimes a dog barking can be so funny. Check out these funny videos of dogs barking and cute puppies barking. It’s so cute!

    16. More Funny Dogs

    These funny dogs are guaranteed to have your sides splitting from laughter!

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    17. More Cute Dogs

    This is a funny and cute dog collection from America’s Funniest Home Videos. .

    18. Still More Funny Dog Videos

    Puppy vs. Coke can at 4m10s made my day!

    19. Funny Mad Dogs

    Haha these guys are really mad and funny though. Which one wins in your opinion? 😀 Hope you like this compilation

    20. Best Of Funny Guilty Dogs Compilation

    More guilty dogs! haha!! At 5m55s, he can’t stand to look at the camera. poor guy!

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    21. More Funny Talking Dog Video Compilation

    Talking dog videos are so funny. Check out these funny talking dogs.

    22. Still More Guilty Dogs Compilation

    The ultimate funny guilty dogs are back! Here is a freshly squeezed guilty dog compilation.

    23. Yet Another Funny Dog Video Compilation

    Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY!

    24. Sneezing Dogs!!

    Compilation of funniest sneezing dogs online! haha

    25. Funny “Guilty Dogs” Compilation

    These dogs know they have done something wrong, and they don’t make a good case for their innocence. There is no mistaking the “I did it” face, or the “please forgive me” roll over.

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    26. Singing and howling dogs

    Some of these are really funny when they try to sing or repeat sounds they hear. Listen for yourself

    27. Funny Dogs Getting Scared Compilation

    These dogs are getting scared of almost everything! Can you handle so much “scary” cuteness?

    28. Funny Dogs Acting Like Humans Compilation

    This is a compilation of funny dog videos of dogs acting like humans.

    29. Funny Bulldog Video Compilation

    These funny dog videos are all about Bulldogs. They are cute and funny. Watch and enjoy.

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    30. Top 10 Funny and Cute Dog Videos

    Some of the cutest and funniest puppies and dogs from the web in no particular order

    31. Funny Scared Dogs Caught on Tape

    Scared dogs are ridiculously funny 😀

    32. Best Funny Dog and Puppy Video

    Funny Dogs – Funny Puppies all in one video!

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    33. Funny Dogs Doing Funny Stuff

    The dancing dog at 21s is enough for me, lol. Too funny!

    34. Funny Police Dogs!

    This is a video of funny cut scene police clips!!!

    35. Cute Puppies Doing Funny Tricks and Other Things

    These dogs are so cute. There are lots of cute puppies in this video, and they are doing different tricks.

    36. 10 Funniest Pit-bull Videos

    Love em or hate em, these pit-bulls are funny!

    37. Babies and Dogs Take Each Other For a Walk

    Haha – so cute and funny how babies take dogs for a walk, but even funnier when dogs take babies for a walk 😛

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    38. 10 Funny Rottweiler Videos

    I want to play with the Rottweiler at 2m09s – he looks like a lot of fun!

    39. Cute St. Bernard Dogs Love Funny Babies’ Compilation

    These are cute dogs with cute babies… what a combo!

    40. Labradors Are Awesome!

    Labradors are the stars of these funny dog videos. They are one of the cutest and intelligent breed of dogs. For all of you lab lovers out there, video 40 of our funny dog videos is an awesome compilation adorable Labradors.

    41. Dogs Opening Christmas Presents Compilation

    I love watching my dogs unwrap their bones during the holidays! These pups do it like it’s their job!

    42. Funny Doggie Fails

    Well, all dogs are not so smart. Of course accidents and fails happen from time to time but… trying to carry bigger stick than yourself, mud bath, trying to go through glass,…? Some dogs are just a little bit dumb 😉

    43. Cute Dogs Feel Jealous

    Dogs are so funny they way they show different feelings. Just look at all those cute jealous puppies 😛

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    44. Happy and Excited Dogs

    Sometimes dogs get really excited, they maybe even overreact sometimes. Here are just a few examples of that 🙂

    45. Funniest Rottweiler Videos

    Rottweilers are the stars in these funny dog videos. Interesting fact: The Rottweiler were known as “Rottweil butchers’ dogs” (German: Rottweiler Metzgerhund) because they were used to herd livestock and pull carts laden with butchered meat and other products to market.

    46. Funniest Dancing Dogs Ever

    Funny dogs dance on various great and cool soundtracks

    47. Ultimate Guilty Funny Dog Videos

    Guilty Dogs… They crack me up!

    48. Funny Dogs Annoying Babies

    Dogs can be very friendly and nice but sometimes they act like jerks. Look how they annoy all these poor babies 😛

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    We hope you loved 48 Funny Dog Videos! Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!