49 Funny Cat Videos

    Are you looking for a fuzzy laugh? Cats are clever, funny, cute, playful, and sometimes guilty. They dance, they sing, they love babies, and luckily these humans were able to cattheir crazy antics on video.

    So sit back and relax as you laugh at the funny kitties’ expense!

    1. Too Much Cuteness For One Video!

    Funny cats and kittens playing together. Some getting squished by mama, some stalking their prey… you’ll love ’em!

    2. Cute Babies and Funny Cat Videos

    Funny cats and babies playing together. Cats can be silly – these cats are something special. Just look how all this kitties like to play with babies. It’s so cute isn’t it 😉

    3. Cute Cats Feel Guilty

    Bad kitty has been naughty! Check out this funny compilation of guilty cats trying to cover their tracks! poor kitties…

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    4. Cute Cats Demand Petting Compilation

    Pet me, please. no, really… pet me! I hope you will enjoy these cute and funny cats video compilation.

    5. 10 Cutest Cat Moments

    The clips for this compilation of cute cat bloopers is one of our favorite funny cat videos.

    6. More Cute Naughty Cats Feel Guilty

    Some cats can actually feel guilty 😉 But most of them just don’t care! 😛

    7. Epic Cute and Funny Cat Videos

    An epic compilation with hundreds of funny and cute cats in one video.

    8. Funny and Cute Cats Acting Like Dogs

    Didn’t think it was possible, did ya? Barking, catching the ball…. Cats can also do it and here is the proof 😉 This is a compilation about cats that act like they were dogs. p>
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    9. Cute Kittens & Funny Cat Videos

    Cute Kittens & Cats failures all around. I’m still cracking up!

    10. Cute Kittens and Funny Cats Videos

    Hit play and watch this cute kitten walk around like a spider. Seriously.


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    11. Cute Kittens Meowing and Talking

    Warning: do not watch if you are allergic to cuteness 😛 Looks like some kittens really like to talk and scream. Would you like to have such loud kitten?

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    12. Top 10 Cutest Kittens on Youtube

    Kittens are so cute and funny! I love what the mailman brought at 6m49s. Please enjoy this compilation of funny cat videos.

    13. Cute Cats eating Lollipops?

    I can’t say it enough, cats are seriously among the funniest and cutest animals. Enjoy this video of cats enjoying lollipops

    14. Funny and Cute Cats Feel Confused

    15. Best Cute and Funny Cat Videos

    Enjoy this compilation of funny cat videos… check out the acrobatics at 27s! haha!

    16. Cute Cats Feel Jealous

    Cats are so funny. They are masters of expression and know how to show different feelings. Just look at all these cute jealous kitties

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    17. Best Cat Vines – The Best Cat Vine Compilation

    In this video, I show popular Vine videos featuring cats. This is the longest and best cat and kitten compilation on YouTube. I feature the best

    18. Cute and Funny Cat Fail Compilation

    Look how this kitties try to go through glass, jump in mirrors, get stuck in boxes, and hang from trees! Of course cats are not dumb, well there must be few exceptions I guess, but most of these are just fails that can happen to any cat.

    19. Funny Babies and Annoying Cats

    Babies are so sweet and just want to play, but I don’t think cats like that. They probably see them as some kind of annoying jerks

    20. Cute Baby Kitten Meows Because Mama Cat is Not There

    Poor baby kitten misses his mom. How can one not fall in love with this cute adorable kitten?

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    21. Funny Cats Compilation

    Cats can be the funniest. Please enjoy this compilation of funny cat videos.

    22. Adorable Kittens and Cute Mother Cats’ Video

    Mother Cat loves her precious kittens. How can anyone not love these adorable kittens?!

    23. Funny and Cute Kittens Video

    Check out this video of cute kittens! The family of kittens at 0m59s is so precious!

    24. Cute Cats play with Adorable Babies

    In this cute cat and baby video, tune in to see an awesome compilation of your favorite toddlers and kittens.

    25. Funny and Cute Cats Videos

    Check out the precious peek-a-boo moment at 2m59s!

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    26. The Cutest Cat Meow Videos

    Nikita likes to communicate with us and with…herself? 😉

    27. Cute and Funny Cats Talking With Humans Video

    Check out these “constructive talks” between cats and their human friends. Who knew that they had so many things to say to each other!

    28. Cat Mom Hugs Cute and Precious Baby Kitten

    What is more adorable than a mom hugging her precious babies? 🙂

    29. Funny and Cute Cats Videos. Try Not To Laugh!

    Check out this awesome funny videos compilation. Try not to laugh! We know that we could not resist!

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    30. Epic Cat Videos! Cute, Funny, and Scary Kittens all in one!

    A little compilation of very funny cat videos. These cats put the “E” into “Epic”

    31. Funny Cats and Kittens Meowing Compilation

    Here is a video of cats and kittens meowing to confuse your pets

    32. Funny and Cute Cats vs Fish Tanks

    Cats react near fish tanks. They want to catch those fish in tanks but they end up wet or they bump into glass and so on, not so smart 😛

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    33. Cute and Funny Cats Video

    Cats can be so cute! These are the cutest cats around!

    34. Funny Cats and Dogs Acting Like Humans

    Cats and dogs love to act like humans. Well, there are some smart cats that know how to play football, poop in the toilet (gross!!), and of course some dogs that watch tv, and play on swing sets. So cute isn’t it 🙂

    35. “Hello” Cat Videos

    “Hello Kitty!” Check these cute cats saying you ‘Hello’.

    36. First Steps of Cute Kittens – Learning How to Walk

    Cutest Cats Moments, Cute Kittens, and Funny Cats Video. First steps of cute Kittens learns how to walk!

    37. Cute Cat Soothing Crying Baby to Sleep

    Stewie helps put the new baby (Connar) to sleep… cutest bit is right at the end!

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    38. Cute and Funny Cats Making Funny Sounds Video

    Cats love to make funny sounds. This time we’ve caught them in the action!

    39. Cute and Funny Cats in WATER!! UNBELIEVABLE!

    Cats and water do not make for a nice combination, though the results can be very funny!

    40. Mom Cat Talking to Her Kittens.

    Mom Cat talking to her Kittens. Awe, kitty!

    41. Cute, Sweet, and Funny Cats Video!

    A cute little funny kittens plays in his own, beautiful pink world.

    42. Funny VIdeo of Cats Sleeping in Strange Positions and Places

    Cats can be so funny while asleep. Check out this compilation of cute and funny cats sleeping in various positions!

    43. Funny Cats Sleeping in Weird and Cute Positions Compilation

    Starring: Coco, Toffee, Rocky and kittens. Enjoy!

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    44. Cute Kittens Meowing Video

    Check out these cute kittens meowing in this funny cats meowing videos compilation. A kitten meowing is adorable.

    45. Cute and Funny Kittens Doing Silly Things

    Check out these funny cat videos. It’s so cute!

    46. “Moments” – Another Group of Funny Cat Videos

    An epic compilation with funny and cute cats in one video

    47. Top 20 Kittens and Cats Hugs

    Do you need a hug from a precious kitty?

    48. Cute & Funny Cats Videos Compilation

    How can you not laugh at these funny cats?

    49. More Epic Funny Cats Videos

    Check out these awesome funny cat videos. The climbing kitties at 4m31s are the best! Try NOT to laugh!

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    We hope you loved the 49 Funny Cat Videos! Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!