New Strides in Cannabis Research for Veterinary Patients

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    Why is it that 30 states have legalized the use of medical marijuana, yet veterinarians are prohibited from administering, prescribing, dispensing, or recommending cannabis to their patients? There are a number of misunderstandings about cannabidiol (CBD), a nonpsychotropic cannabinoid that aids the treatment of autoimmune diseases and helps alleviate chronic pain.

    Is CBD safe for pets?  This can only be found out through clinical trials and in depth medical testing.  So far an initial investigation involving 30 healthy research animals found CBD was successful in treating epilepsy in dogs.

    The classification of cannabis as a schedule 1 controlled substance puts it in the same category as heroin and LSD.  Schedule 1 drugs are illegal because of their high potential for abuse and absence of medical benefits.  Medical marijuana is proven to show many health benefits in humans as well as pets.  This classification is preventing it from being researched for medical benefits.

    Legislation is being proposed in New York and California, which would allow for veterinary doctors to openly discuss cannabis treatments and products.

    Should this pass and get signed by the governor, that would lift the restrictions on the vet community in California and let us provide the direct medical guidance we should be providing as veterinarians,” -Dr. Gary Richter

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