What to Do With Your Pet’s Ashes

    In some of our partner veterinary hospitals, we’ve noticed that over 80% of pet owners are requesting that their pets be cremated after death. About 65% percent choose to bring their pet’s ashes home with them.

    But then what?

    In talking with pet owners, we’ve discovered that many people don’t know what to do with their pets’ ashes and often simply keep them in the little wooden boxes they received them in.

    One client shared, “I wasn’t sure how to honor [my pet’s] life and what to do with the box of ashes I received from the vet after his cremation. I wanted to do something special since he was such an integral part of my life, but a fancy urn on the shelf didn’t seem like it was right.”

    So we decided to share these 3 creative ideas for what to do with your pet’s ashes…

    1. Turn Your Pet’s Ashes into Fireworks

    You can commemorate the loss of your beloved pet by scattering their ashes into the sky with a colorful display of fireworks.

    There are companies, like Heavenly Stars Fireworks, that will safely embed your pet’s ashes into their specially designed fireworks.

    You can have them create a professional memorial fireworks display or provide you with self-fire tributes.

    2. Turn Your Pet’s Ashes into a Diamond

    If you have a lot of disposable income, you can turn your pet’s ashes into a diamond.

    According to Mother Nature Network, the ashes are “heated to 5,000 degrees Celsius, which reduces them to purified carbon. Then the carbon goes into a diamond press, where heat and pressure are applied at the same time to create the gem.”

    The process can take about nine months and can costs tens of thousands of dollars, but for some people, it’s worth it. One service that does this is Life Gem.

    3. Turn Your Pet’s Ashes into a Tree

    Our favorite way to memorialize a pet is to get a biodegradable urn that is specifically designed to turn your pet’s ashes into a tree.

    Planting a tree like this will allow you to create a lasting memorial that will literally live on for years to come.

    One of our friends, Jill Lublin did this for her cat, Luna, and shared, “It helps me to know she lives on – not only in my heart but also creating more life. The urn is great for closure, great for the planet and helps my sweet Luna live on forever!”

    What other creative ideas do you have for what to do with your pet’s ashes?

    Please share your thoughts with other pet owners by commenting on this post!