Worried About Your #CarbonPawPrint?

    One of the most important and challenging times in a pet owner’s life is when their pet passes on. Maybe you’ve just had your pet cremated, the ashes now sitting on a shelf at home, and you’re left wondering what to do with them. You want to let them out of their stuffy box, but you also want to keep them close and alive in your heart. Whether you’re in a city or in the country, with little space or ample, there is a new, environmentally conscious way to memorialize your pet and hold them close to your heart and mind—it’s called the Bios Urn.

    The Bios Urn is a specially designed 100% biodegradable urn that allows you to transform your pet’s ashes into a new, budding tree. Not only does this allow you to create a lasting and beautiful memorial for your pet, it also helps the planet stay green and healthy.

    But how does it work? The urn has two distinct compartments: one to hold the seedling of a tree and the soil it will need to grow, and the other to store a pet’s ashes after they have been cremated.

    Once the tree seedling has had time to sprout and put down its roots, the compartment separating it from the ashes will disintegrate and allow the tree to draw nourishment and energy directly from your beloved’s ashes.

    In this way, the Bios Urn allows you to take your loved one’s ashes and transform them into a living, vital, and lasting memorial. And, moreover, the Urn allows you to give back to the planet and your community by adding a little more vital green to your environment.

    The Urn comes with a pine seed, however, if you have a specific tree in mind that you’d like to grow we encourage you to check with your local nursery to find a tree that is appropriate for your climate.

    Once you’ve prepared the Bios Urn, you simply plant it in the spot where you’d like the tree to grow and then water and tend it as you would any other tree seed.

    Every year, people are spending more and more money to take care of their pets—from food to toys to insurance, owners want to provide the best for their animals. Lee Richter, CEO of The Pet Concierge as well as Montclair Veterinary Hospital and Holistic Veterinary Care in Oakland, noticed that clients were continually coming to her to ask for guidance and support during the end-of-life process for their animals. Lee set her mind to finding new ways to help owners through this trying time and this led her directly to the Bios Urn.

    In Lee’s own words: “The veterinary industry is largely excellent at providing health care for living pets but often stops short and fails to support families after their pet has passed on. People are looking for ways to honor their loved ones while being kind to the planet. What if, for every pet that passes, we added a new tree to the planet? This is what the Bios Urn can do.”

    The Urns are on sale now and you can purchase one on MyPetLivesOn.com.