A Puppy’s New Home: Filling the Gap and So Much More!

    It is always a tragic situation when a dog is sent away from its home and owners due to an act of aggression towards a human. This all too common event often leads to the dog in question being put to sleep rather than rehomed or retrained. Families with children are usually the most at risk of having to deal with this horrible predicament simply because many children don’t know how to play with dogs in a safe and unthreatening manner. Many incidents of dogs biting children are preventable if children are provided with good education about how to behave around pets; however, as we all know, children aren’t always the easiest to teach, and this is where the brilliant new series of children’s books by A.J. Richards and Rayah Jaymes come into the picture.

    Their book series, called A Puppy’s New Home (APNH), contains four children’s books thus far which aim to protect both children and dogs from the dangerous outcomes of uneducated play. Richards and Jaymes know what amazing companions dogs can make for children and their families, and their goal is to protect kids and dogs alike from the unnecessary pain of a dog bite. Each of their four books succinctly, clearly, and playfully impart essential lessons on how to play safely with dogs, and, as a bonus, they also teach critical early learning skills such as counting and geography. Moreover, beyond the practical knowledge they impart, these stories are filled with warm and loving examples of children and animals acting with empathy, compassion, and love for other living beings.

    The books can also act as a guide for families trying to decide which breed of dog is the best fit for their family. The Kid’s Guide to Bella The Bichon Frise highlights the playful and showy nature of this wonderful breed. The Kid’s Guide to Louie The Labrador Retriever discusses many of the unique qualities of the Labrador breed, including their ability to become guide dogs and police animals. The Kid’s Guide to Max The Golden Retriever explores the history of the Golden Retriever breed which originally hails from Scotland.

    As a gift from the Pet Concierge, we are happy to offer their fourth book, The Kid’s Guide to Dog Bite Prevention, for free! Just follow this link to download a PDF copy of the book: The Kid’s Guide to Dog Bite Prevention

    Richards and Jaymes have set their minds to making children’s stories which prevent dog related injuries, and they have managed to do so while also packing in a wealth of lessons, both practical and emotional, that we think kids will absolutely love to read and re-read. For more information on A Puppy’s New Home, and to see all of their currently published books, head over to www.dogbooksforkids.com. Their upcoming fifth book, The Kid’s Guide to Finn The Rescue Dog, is a uniquely detailed look at the journey of a homeless rescue dog. Finn eventually happens upon a talented and caring girl, Sam, who also happens to be homeless. Together they protect each other and demonstrate just how wonderful the love between a dog and child can be. “Finn” promises to be Richards and Jaymes’ most powerful and moving book yet, and we are excitedly awaiting its release later this year. To stay up to date on everything coming from APNH, follow them on Facebook.





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