Holiday Safety Tips: Petfriendly Parties

    Life is better with pets, and so are parties. That’s why we put together these quick tips so you and your pets can bring in the New Year safely.

    Front Door Safety: Keep your pets safely cordoned off and away from the front door. This will eliminate the risk of a paw accidentally getting caught in a door and keep “bolting” pets from running outside as your guests come in and out.

    A Safe Space: Consider creating for your pet a “safe space”— a separate room or area, stocked with your pet’s favorite treats, food and/or toys, where your pet will feel safe and comfortable despite the tumult of a larger gathering. This can be especially helpful if your pet is sensitive to loud noises.

    Put Meds Away: It’s good to make sure your medications are safely locked away as pets may be extra on-edge with company around and willing to go digging for things to eat. Additionally, and maybe more importantly, remind your guests to keep any medications on their person (or in a purse/bag) safely away from pets.

    Educate The Kids: Be sensitive to how your pets may interact with your guests’ children. If kids are coming over who have never or rarely been around animals before, spend a few moments to let them know what they should and should not do around your animal companions. For a great kid-friendly book on dog bite prevention, click HERE.

    Food Safety: If you are planning to have your pets be around guests, let everyone know that certain snacks/foods should NOT be offered to your pets. These include dips and other appetizers that often contain onions.  Other foods to keep away from pets are meat products containing bones, such as wings.  

    We wish you and your family a happy, safe, and pet-friendly New Year!